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Drug Free

Visitors are plunging in a color and sound surroundings, roll over color and sound waves …

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Energy for the whole day

Mood improvement +35%! Additional energy +20%! Concentration capacity improvement +20% …

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Science Based

VGoray builts its method on a solid foundation of scientific expertise that is provide by ITMO, FMPU …

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Mental health in the modern world

Mental health is one of the most important factors affecting a person's full life. If people maintain their physical health through sports, proper nutrition, active lifestyles and regular visits to a doctor, mental health is always at risk because of stress and burnout at work, the number of which increases every year. The emotional state of a person directly affects not only its productivity but also safety, since a significant number of incidents occur in a state of anxiety and depression.

Work that requires a high concentration of attention and monotonous work sooner or later leads to constant fatigue, lack of motivation and interest in their work. This can be called "burn-out at work", which can and should be avoided. A lot of researchers are sure that short-term rest increases productivity. It can be coffee breaks, communication with employees, as well as a cardinal change of activity, which is considered more useful since different parts of the brain are involved.

Progressive companies have long been building recreation rooms in their offices with a pleasant atmosphere, sofas, and games that help employees to get distracted and gain strength. But is this really enough? After all, such kind of rest is not suitable for everyone, considering not only physical capabilities but also human temperament. In addition, a constant sense of the office nearby, working colleagues behind the wall and talks about tasks do not allow you to completely relax and enjoy the moments of rest.

The Art of Stress Relief

The room of relaxation and recovery from VGoray was created with the aim to improve a person's mental state. This is a multifunctional system with original artistic and therapeutic content, as well as equipment aimed at relieving stress, increasing concentration, and working capacity. The unique technology of VGoray is based on a competent combination of color, sound and laser interferences, which create a relaxing atmosphere through artistic images. Immersion in an unusual visual and sound environment allows you to disconnect from reality, resting not only the brain but also the body, relieves stress and increases activity. Restorative rooms can be used not only in offices where everybody are harassed by stress and fatigue but also in medical and health centers, educational institutions, spa salons, airports and train stations. Stress pursues us not only at work but also in school, on the road and at home. Even resting physically intrusive thoughts and various problems are harassing us, and only an absolute change of activity and environment allows us to restart brain activity and enable us to continue to function with new forces.

The latest technology for relaxation

VGoray’s technology positively affects people of any age, background, and occupation. Collection and analysis of statistical data prove that as a result of short-term rest in the recovery room, human concentration rises by 20%, mental health by 35%. There is also an additional 25% of energy - this is quite enough to spend the rest of the day productively and cheerfully. The system consists of a screen, a laser projector with interference optics, comfortable seats, multi-channel surround sound, and software. Immersion in color and sound waves, calm relaxing environment make a rest not just a rest, but a full discharge for the brain, which is so necessary for the rhythm of modern life.

The scientific approach and partners of VGoray

The VGoray team continues to conduct research to achieve even more effective indicators. Collaboration with ITMO (Russia) and HAMK University (Finland) makes it possible to study the influence of VGoray technology with the help of control groups. This is the work with the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (National Center for the Working Environment (NRCWE, previously AMI), Copenhagen, Denmark), Perceived Restorativeness Scale, modification of the questionnaire R. Kaplan & Kaplan, and the use of an electroencephalograph to study the effect of audiovisual information on a person's psychophysiological state. We are sure that such rooms and methods of relaxation will be used everywhere, where the risk of "burnout" and fatigue affects not only the human condition and its productivity, but also the overall condition of the company, social group, and society as a whole. Mental health is one of the most pressing problems now and in the future. That is why with great enthusiasm and awareness of all the importance we are working on this innovative project, which has nothing to do with drug medicine but reveals the potential of future technologies and features of human neurophysiology.

Restorative Art Therapy - Future is now

Everyone knows that most of the work has shifted to the mental sphere, and the brain carries the greatest burden. Information comes mainly through the organs of sight, almost 90% of the volume of data. The rest of the information people get through hearing, tactile and other sensations. That is why light and sound, presented in a different form in the VGoray room, can be used for:

  1. treatment and correction of functional disorders;
  2. mobilization of the body's own defenses;
  3. restoration of the psychoemotional state;
  4. psychological and mental relaxation.

Now you have the opportunity to take care of your employees, guests or clients by equipping the recovery and relaxation room of VGoray. Positive research results give us the opportunity to say with full confidence that such an innovation in institutions where people are constantly engaged in the mental activity will not only improve their performance and mental health but also become a good investment in the future, will draw attention to you as a progressive and modern company.

We are happy to provide you information on VGoray's art therapy technology, statistical and research results and, of course, to make a relaxation room "turnkey" in your office, medical center or educational institution.

Contact us today by filling out a feedback form on our website to learn more about VGoray and make a "test drive" of our methodology.