Our promise is to find more suitable methods using laser-musical-sounds content for relaxation and concentration.

Since 2013 VGoray has been cooperating with scientists from ITMO University, FMPU (St Petersburg, Russia), Debrecen University (Hungary), HAMK University (Finland). ). The aim of the cooperations is to find more suitable methods for using laser-musical-sounds content at relaxation and concentration premises, rooms.

In 2015 was made the first experiment jointly with the department of general and clinical psychology at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. The experiment was focused on the changing of human condition after a five minutes’ show inside a prototype of a relax room (a spherical screen was installed). The results of the experiments show the reducing anxiety of 10%, p=0.88 (Sitkina E. et al, 2016), increasing speed and improving accuracy by the realization of test task of 15%, p=0.80 (Matveev N. et al, 2016). 31 (assessment of anxiety levels by Luscher color test and Zung's scale) and 30 participants (evaluation of speed and accuracy by Landolt ring) took part in the experiment.

Researchers of ITMO University continue to work in this field and examine also a correlation between self-similarity of laser visuals and aesthetic perception (Matveev & Sherstobitova, 2018) and simulate of optical devices (Romanova G. et al, 2017). So, today we have experimental confirmation of the effectiveness of the methods. We continue to conduct research [links] for further development and deepening of our technology.

We are a multitasking skills team, consisting of doctors, musicologists, engineers, technologists, designers and manufacturers. Our own, in-house developed VGoray Projector is a result of many years of experiments and testing. The system consists of a room, 5.1. Dolby Surround sound, panoramic projection screen, VGoray Projector, VGoray Sharp Focus Seance Package.